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The best bond originators in Port Elizabeth

Using an independent bond originator in Port Elizabeth means having a local expert by your side for one of life’s biggest financial decisions. Our home loan experts have over 10 years’ experience in getting first-time homebuyers the best deal on their home loan.

evo PE Bonds

The owners and management of PE Bonds, who have extensive knowledge of the financial industry, are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business and therefore our services are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

39A Pickering Street
Newton Park
Port Elizabeth
+27 76 181 8234
+27 41 818100/1010

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Bondsure (Pty) Ltd

At Bondsure, we provide flexible approval solutions for clients and real estate agents alike by procuring hassle-free bonds on their behalf. As accounting professionals, we guide prospective homeowners with industry knowledge to ensure that our clients are put at ease through this home loan process. #besure #besecure #bebondsure

47 Willow Road
Port Elizabeth
+27 ‭86 100 5671‬
+27 61 493 9453

Why choose evo’s home loan experts?

  • Get prequalified for househunting

    We issue a certificate that states what you can afford (and the bond you’re likely to get). Not only do you know now what your price ceiling is, but estate agents and sellers will take you more seriously.

  • A single application

    You complete one set of forms and your dedicated home loan specialist will submit it to up to nine banks, including your own.

  • Compare home loan offers

    Our home loan experts source quotes from the leading banks for you to compare.

  • We negotiate the best rate on your behalf

    Your dedicated home loan specialist will negotiate with the banks on your behalf, ensuring you get the best deal.

  • Our service is free of charge

    Our consultants are paid a commission by the banks, so there’s no cost to the homebuyer.

We work with all the leading banks to secure you a home loan