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evo Copestone


evo Copestone is the brainchild of Grant Butler, who after many years in the property and home loan industry, sought a model that would both richly reward our consultants and at the same time provide a service to our clients (Estate Agents, Buyers, Developers, Banks and Attorneys) that is seamless and service “way above the rest”.

Grant Butler has used his 30 years of home loan experience to create a phenomenal team of consultants where World Class service is a minimum standard. The evo Copestone team excels at customer service, be it banks, agents, buyers or attorneys.

Besides offering world-class service to all the stake holders (Estate Agents, Buyers, Developers, Banks and Attorneys) in the home loan industry, evo Copestone has a unique admin outsourcing model.  We have dedicated admin resources at our disposal who ensure that our applications are sent seamlessly to multiple banks thereby ensuring you the best possible deal. evo Copestone’ s seamless processing and exceptional service is free to you. Together with evo Copestone, the dream of owning your own home becomes a reality.

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75 Starfish
Ocean Tides Residential Estate
Big Bay

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